Source code for estuary_updater.handlers.koji

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0+

from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import

import re

from estuary.models.distgit import DistGitCommit
from estuary.models.koji import ModuleKojiBuild, ContainerKojiBuild

from estuary_updater.handlers.base import BaseHandler

[docs]class KojiHandler(BaseHandler): """A handler for Koji related messages."""
[docs] @staticmethod def can_handle(msg): """ Determine if this handler can handle this message. :param dict msg: a message to be analyzed :return: a bool based on if the handler can handle this kind of message :rtype: bool """ supported_topics = [ '/topic/', '/topic/', '/topic/', '/topic/', '/topic/', ] return msg['topic'] in supported_topics
[docs] def handle(self, msg): """ Handle a message and update Neo4j if necessary. :param dict msg: a message to be processed """ topic = msg['topic'] build_topic = ['/topic/', '/topic/', '/topic/', '/topic/', '/topic/'] if topic in build_topic: self.build_handler(msg) else: raise RuntimeError('This message is unable to be handled: {0}'.format(msg))
[docs] def build_handler(self, msg): """ Handle a build state message and update Neo4j if necessary. :param dict msg: a message to be processed """ if not msg['body']['msg']['info']['source']: return commit_hash_pattern = re.compile(r'(?:\#)([0-9a-f]{40})$') commit_hash = re.findall(commit_hash_pattern, msg['body']['msg']['info']['source']) # Container builds and rpms have commit hashes, so we want to process them if commit_hash: commit = DistGitCommit.get_or_create({ 'hash_': commit_hash[0] })[0] build = self.get_or_create_build(msg['body']['msg']['info']['id']) build.conditional_connect(build.commit, commit) if build.__label__ == ModuleKojiBuild.__label__: extra_json = msg['body']['msg']['info']['extra'] module_extra_info = extra_json.get('typeinfo', {}).get('module') module_build_tag_name = module_extra_info.get('content_koji_tag') if module_build_tag_name: _, components = self.koji_session.listTaggedRPMS(module_build_tag_name) for component in components: component_build = self.get_or_create_build(component) build.components.connect(component_build) elif build.__label__ == ContainerKojiBuild.__label__: extra_json = msg['body']['msg']['info']['extra'] build.operator = bool( extra_json.get('typeinfo', {}).get('operator-manifests', {}).get('archive') )